Converting Day-to-Day Challenges into Deep Healing

When you use The Secret Formula on a daily basis to convert daily challenges into daily successes, you learn much more about yourself than you will complaining about the way things are.

The formula is setup to help you quickly and easily see deep into why you are where you’re at, and then shift those patterns just as easily.

This post provides insight into your vibration by using an example of the typical day-to-day challenge of interruption and how you might resolve it.

This post explains how to make the most of step 4 of The Secret Formula, “Raise your vibrations”, and includes an example of dealing with a daily challenge using the DailyPage form.

Step 4 of The Secret Formula is “Raise your vibrations”.  The idea is to feel like you already have what you wish for.

We believe that having a certain something will bring us a specific feeling that we’re seeking to have.

But what if you felt that feeling first?

What would that feel like?

To go deeper, ask yourself “If I were to attract this thing into my life, how would I have to feel in order to do that?”

You will come up with all sorts of answers to this question, which in itself is a question you can ask to make the shift.  For example: “If I felt like I could do it, what would that be like?”, or “If I knew I had the skills to accomplish this, what would that feel like?”, or “If I felt like I had the interest of other people to make this happen, what would that feel like?”

Here’s an example of how to use the form for a daily challenge that leads to great insights and deep healing.

Situation: Dad needs to go to the doctor, and I need to work.  I took him yesterday and so I’m hoping that someone else can take him so I can get my work done.

Negative emotions: (If there were one word that describes this place that I’m at, what would it be?) One word: obligated.  (What factors have contributed to the creation of this obligation?) guilt, unworthiness (like I have to help with absolutely everything or I’m unworthy)

What I don’t want: To be disrupted today.

What I do want: To be able to do my work and to be productive.

Raise your vibration: (How would I have to feel in order to have someone else willingly and happily take dad to the doctor?) Respected.  If I felt respected, what would that be like?  If I respected myself, what would that feel like?  If I felt strong enough to command my time to do what I have to do, what would that be like?  If I felt that my presence were beneficial even when I don’t do every little thing for everybody around here, what would that feel like?  If I felt like my work were just as important as other people’s work, what would that feel like?

Ask for what you want: Now, from that place of strength, ask the universe to help you out.  “If someone else were to willingly take dad to the doctor, how would that happen?”

Notice: At first I noticed I had reluctance to allow anyone else to take dad to the doctor.  I felt that I should do it.  That is because I have the freedom to make my schedule, so I should do it.  But so do others.  Then, after going through this process, I noticed my expectation that someone else take him since I did my part and took him the day before.

Can you see how shifting from “I have to do everything otherwise I’m not worthy” to “I did my part, I did it yesterday, others can do it, and so they will respect the fact that I have work to do as well” can create a deep cognitive shift that changes a lot of things for you?

I highly recommend using The Secret Formula, which is outlined in the daily page form to document and shift your daily challenges in this way.  Imagine the result of daily work in this way?!

And I’m sure we’d all love to hear what daily challenges you’re shifting by using this process.  Please share!




6 thoughts on “Converting Day-to-Day Challenges into Deep Healing”

    1. Without knowing the details, my thoughts are that you are seeing yourself in a way that is causing others to see you the same way.
      Possibly not worthy, deserving or even just this belief that you will be passed up is blocking you from being promoted. Ask yourself “How would others have to perceive me in order for me to get the job?” “How would I have to feel in order to feel like the head of my department?”, or “What would it feel like to be in charge of my department?, or “If I were to feel like someone who would be considered for a promotion, how would that feel?” You must must find out how you are seeing yourself… which may be exactly how you feel others are feeling about you… and turn that around. Before I learned about the law-of-attraction and was in a regular job, I used to believe that others blocked me from advancing. I felt they may have been jealous in some way and therefore would never let me out of my stuck position, but it was my own beliefs that left me stuck. You must get yourself into that state of feeling like you are being considered for a promotion. What self doubts do you have to clear? What limiting beliefs?

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