Discomfort is an opportunity to step into your power

There is always, always, always something to learn in every challenging situation.  If you can look at it as though it is meant to show you something that will help you, instead of getting stuck in the negative emotions, you’ll be able to transform the situation.

YOU are in command of your life experience, and when you step up into the power of YOU, you will overcome the challenge that leads to your victory.

If you resist, you risk missing the lesson and falling deeper into despair.

Put your attention on any challenging situation in a way that ‘intends’ to learn and discover how YOU, as a powerful creator, can command the life experience you want, then you will.

Simply notice. Being hurt by other people’s opinions gives your power to them. Reel it back in, analyze why they might think that, how it might not even have anything to do with you, and discover where you might be out of alignment, therefore creating a situation that mirrors your inner vibration.

And then simply re-align and everything will shift.

You got this.

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