EFT for loss

This EFT setup / “angel request” is designed to help you clear feelings of loss:

  • Even though I feel this loss, I deeply and completely accept myself.
  • Even though one door has closed, I realize the sooner I walk away from the closed door instead of desperately trying to reopen it, the sooner I will walk thru a door that is held open for me by a universe that is excited to receive what I have to offer.
  • Even though I’m feeling the loss of this door that is closing, I choose to see and feel, appreciate and love the doors that are opening for me.
  • I ask Archangel Michael to cut away any energy that keeps me away from the courage I need to walk through the doors that are open for me now and leading me to my wonderful creation.

Now ask yourself: If I felt like I was past this and enjoyed the feeling of having what I wish for, what would that be like?

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