Follow-up Session

Follow-up Session

If you’ve purchased a follow-up session after an intro or question session, I will do what remains to complete a full psychic healing session.

If healing is not complete after a full psychic healing session, I will look to answer any further questions you may have and continue the detective work, scanning the energy field and looking for other factors contributing to any problem or challenge such as the following as they may apply:

  • Karma (with a little more digging, karma CAN be cleared)
  • Core beliefs
  • What you may be holding onto and/or why (you need to let go of a desire in order to manifest it)
  • Patterns of resistance (resistance creates struggle)
  • Chords with others
  • Dietary patterns
  • Ancestral or genetic patterns
  • Personality patterns
  • Global patterns
  • Astrological patterns (I’m not an astrologer, but I can tell you if it is a factor and what that may look like)
  • to name a few!


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