Consciousness 101

What if you could magically transform your life by following 6 simple steps?

This course teaches you how to transform your life by making a habit out of 6 simple steps.

You will see your life start to improve immediately by doing this process and get better and better every day.

Special exercises help you get into the vibration of allowing and teach you super secret tricks that give you that special edge necessary to transform your world.

With this package you will notice positive shifts and transformations in your life, giving you the awareness that you do create your life and that you can create the life you WANT.

If you are not seeing your life consistently change for the better, what you need is a tool that allows you to see results DAILY so that you keep going!

This program gives you the knowledge & practice that helps you make a habit out of making your life great AND makes it fun and easy.

I offer the program with coaching or as an online course.

What you’ll get with either package:

  • The Secret Formula! A formula that will help you shift any situation into something better.
  • NEW: an EFT Template that you can use to plug in this information and shift the belief.
  • A special guided meditation (that is less than 20 minutes long) to take you into a state where you will be detached enough from your problems to access answers, solutions, healing and transformation.
  • A powerful chakra clearing meditation that also helps your realize your oneness to God and the power that comes with it
  • Step-by-step Instructions on how to experience a consistent vibration of peace, happiness and prosperity
  • Guidelines to help you achieve best results
  • A Manifestation Request Form in html, word and pdf formats that act as an easy-to-use template to keep a journal in a way that guides you through using The Secret Formula to transform your life
  • A 2-second trick to accessing the manifestation state
  • Example pages showing you how to use The Secret Formula
  • A special bonus to help you clear limiting beliefs
  • 30 days of exclusive information that will give you tips, ideas, and exercises to help discover the blocks that keep you from all that you want, in addition to super secret tools that will enhance your manifestation abilities

Although the possibilities are endless, some of the things that you can heal, transform or manifest include the following:

Successful meetings More Energy Relationship patterns
Eating patterns Health symptoms Money issues
Motivation Appearance issues Social patterns
Negative emotions Financial patterns Spiritual awakening

This program was created from my subscription program that included coaching and energy work. When many of my clients were seeing results by doing the exercises for themselves, and because I can only take on a limited number of coaching clients, I created an online course. You will receive all the same super-secret information as those who have also purchased the coaching package receive. The only difference is that you won’t get the personal sessions I offer in a coaching subscription. Because this program is now online, however, you’ll have the support of other like-minded individuals (including myself) commenting on articles and offering examples.   See Lorraine’s testimonial… once I helped her get the form right, she achieved significant shifts without my personalized help.

The online program teaches you how to access your own power to create change and transformation!

Now ONLY $14.44 for a full year access to this online course!

Click on Account/Register above to subscribe today.
(Note: your subscription will NOT be automatically renewed after a year)





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