Monthly Coaching

A monthly coaching subscription includes the Consciousness 101 Online Course, yet has the added benefit of my assistance in helping you get through the challenges that are so hard to deal with on your own.

When you’re in the middle of your own issues, it’s much harder to see what blocks you from the happy, prosperous, abundant and loved being that you are. By subscribing to this package, you will get the help you need on a daily basis to clear those blocks and transform your life for the better.

When  you purchase monthly coaching, you will also get:

  1. Daily guidance **
  2. Review of your journaling and other exercises plus support to make sure you understand the process.
  3. When necessary, I will formulate EFT statements especially for you, infused with healing energy so that all you have to do is read the statements to experience the cognitive shift that creates positive change. You may not even have to do the tapping.
  4. Four 45-minute phone/skype or offline sessions.
    • Your first session may be focused on the single most prominent “problem” you may be experiencing.  It may be a physical illness, financial issues, relationship concerns, or otherwise.  This session will create positive shifts and uncover underlying patterns that may end up being the focus of later sessions.  I will access (and send healing to) patterns of underlying emotional issues, imbalanced chakras, previous traumas and past life events or contracts, or anything you want me to specifically look for.
    • Subsequent sessions will focus on anything that was discovered in the first session that may need in-depth work, or other related issues you’d like to focus on.
    • In the forth session, I will focus on using energy to manifest what you want if it has not already manifested simply by clearing and healing any detrimental patterns found in the previous 3 sessions.  This may seem like a reading of the future, as spirit may show me what will be done or what has to be done in order for you to manifest your desire.
  5. To break down the energy work part of your subscription, what I will do during your month-long subscription is:
    • Look for patterns representing current issues
    • Find & heal patterns that have contributed to the “problem”
    • Apply energy and/or shift detrimental patterns to a more useful pattern that allows for and is in alignment with your desire
    • Provide spiritual guidance that may show up when I access the state of possibilities in the vast morphic field where answers to all problems exist
    • Provide a transcribed report of my findings
  6. Coaching feedback to help you learn to tap into your own power
  7. As an added BONUS, The Bright Future Workbook, which in itself includes even more BONUSES!

** Any work that you submit is held in the strictest confidence

Once you sign up for this package, you will have access to all member downloads, posts, and exercises on this site.  You will also have access to a form that you can type into and submit to me with any daily challenges you need help with.  You may also print the form so you have it for your records, which you will want to do so you can see the progress you’re making.

Note that each email I send with coaching guidance, based on your form, is valued at $45.  You are getting up to 20 (TWENTY) opportunities for that guidance during the month-long subscription. Each distance healing session is valued at $199.

That’s well over a $1000 value!

However, I am offering this package to you for the ridiculously low price of $499 for the 30-day program.


I had been healing all year and had come to Sundi, stuck, but knowing that all my physical ailments were from past emotions, and I wanted to clear them.
The first thing I noticed was that I felt supported and that I had the ability to shift anything.
Sundi’s insight really accelerated my journey, she unearthed exactly what was going on, everything I knew but had not pieced together.
My goal was to heal physical issues and I ended up coming out more aligned and in tune with my life path – which is actually what I wanted and why I wanted to clear the physical ailment.
I have found joy in daily life. I no longer have to wait for the negatives to pass, I can do this as they arise.
I feel like I fast tracked my healing and life position in the 30 days I spent working with Sundi.
Sundi, You are amazing and so on point in your service. I love and value everything I have learned from you. A deep thank you.

  • – Kristin, Australia

“Sundi is very talented, intuitive and effective at helping people. She has a fantastic and very effective program that quickly shifts not only one’s stress level about a situation but also the actual outcome. Her daily program gave me immediate stress relief concerning many specific situations. Her feedback on clearing negative feelings/beliefs was spot on and extremely helpful. As a coach, Sundi was not only incredibly caring, she was also very talented in looking at situations that were especially upsetting for me and finding just the right EFT statements that melted the tension away. VERY intuitive. On top of all of that, with the program’s steps, she taught me to quickly get out of being in a negative state and focus on what I DO want. With my change of focus and vibration along with her incredible energy work added to the mix, I experienced huge shifts in the outcomes of situations. She is amazing with her energy work, at times it was almost spooky when I didn’t even know she was scanning yet she saw exactly what was going on with me, emotionally and physically. She was spot on about both major distressing family stuff and very serious health issues. I know I’ve said amazing already, but….Sundi’s work is amazing!”

-Mary, California


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