Shifting Undesirable Situations


Using the DailyPage form to journal your work using The Secret Formula is the best way I know of to improve your life every single day.

As an avid user of the form and the formula I am constantly coming up with ways to refine the process and get to the “core” issues that when cleared, provide instantaneous healing and shifts in your perceptions and subsequent outcomes.

With that said, I want to offer you, as a subscriber to Consciousness 101, my latest discovery in how to uncover those subconscious factors that are contributing to any undesirable situation or outcome you’re currently experiencing.


It starts with step 1 of The Secret Formula, listing your negative emotions.

You may have so many negative emotions surrounding a situation that you become overwhelmed and feel hopeless that the situation can change.  You may be of the belief that it is external circumstances or people that have created this particular problem.

In order to shift in YOU, what is creating the undesirable circumstances, do the following:

  • First determine one or two words that describe the place you’re at.
    For example, if it’s a financial situation, that one word might be “lack” or “coming up short” or “strapped”.
  • Ask this question and record your answer in step 1 of the form:  “If I knew the most prominent factors in me that are contributing to this place of ________, what would they be?”
    If you are blaming external circumstances, such as extra expenses, for your current situation, you may have to break this step down even further and again ask something like “If I knew what were the most prominent factors in me that are contributing to these extra expenses, what would they be?”
  • And now, write down everything that comes to mind in answer to that question as quickly as you can.
    For example, if you are using the example above, your answer(s) may be “my spendiness”, “undisciplined”, “distracted”, “unfocused”, etc.
    If you have had to ask about external circumstances, your higher self may answer with “your beliefs”, “your ego”, “your worries”, etc.  In which case those factors can be cleared with EFT or the HAMR technique.
  • Now use EFT and tap on the emotions that come up.
    For example, if your beliefs are the issue you might try this EFT statement: “Even though I believe I’ll never be ahead of the game, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and request the assistance of the angels to help me see things differently so that I may know the love of the universe and feel the power I have behind me to help me to create desirable outcomes in all situations (I often replace tapping with an angel request). The HAMR technique is also a great tool for setting new rules or creating a new, more empowering belief.

It may sound like a lot of work, but for significant cognitive shifts that change your world dramatically, isn’t it worth it?

If you feel you’re too stuck to get the right answers when you ask, I can help.  In a standard session, I can see these patterns and shift them with energy.  What may come up for me may be information that needs to be relayed to you.  For example, a client contacted me because she was experiencing fatigue.  What I saw when I observed the reason for this fatigue was that she was holding on tight to the past, trying to bring it with her (which it (he) was reluctant to do) and so the extra weight of the past was wearing her down.  I didn’t know what this referred to, but she knew exactly what I was talking about. This is information she needed in order to determine if she even wanted to let go.  Luckily she did, it was a simple matter of visualizing a loving good-bye and skipping along her path which created a lot more energy to do so.

Sometimes what I see are imbalanced chakras (which I can send healing to), past life events (that have created current beliefs) or contracts (with another person which may be broken at this time), or scripts we wrote before incarnating for the purposes of learning (which, with the knowledge of what you were supposed to learn, can be healed with energy work).

Oftentimes, I’ll provide EFT statements that you can verbalize to help anchor this healing in your own mind.  This is helpful when you believe you need to do “something” in order to see a shift.

If there is a situation you’re dealing with and would like to know if/how I can help, feel free to email me a description of what you’re going through and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.



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