How to use more of your brain (Part 1)

Research has shown that we only use 10% of our brains and considering the fact that most of us spend most of our day in thought, one would have to wonder, how then do you use the other parts of your brain?

If you think about what you’re thinking about, what would that be?

Our minds tend to go off in another world of meaningless day dreaming, the problems of the day or just random chatter.  We may think and think and think about our problems and search for answers within ourselves as to how to solve them, but when you do this, you’re limiting yourself to finding answers within your scope of limited earthly experience.

What if you had access to a greater source of knowledge?  One even greater than the internet!  How would you access that knowledge?

By noticing, that’s how.  When you switch from thinking to noticing, you have just tuned into a greater source of knowledge than you had when you were thinking.  You have just used a different part of your brain to access information.  When you practice this enough, you will see the difference.

Noticing is the last step in The Secret Formula and one we so often forget.  One that needs to become more of a habit than our normal habitual thinking.

And how do you do that?  By practicing.  Set aside time each day to practice.  Practice when you catch yourself in thought, practice when you’re standing in line at the bank… practice whenever you can.

“Notice” your body and any sensations you’re experiencing.  Notice the words to a song you’re listening to, including the notes, the pronunciations, the lyrics.  Notice the details of the things around you.  As they say in Matrix Energetics, notice what you notice.  Usually, our minds are so clouded by our own thoughts that we completely miss the guidance the universe is offering us.  The universe is looking for ways to send you messages and if you’re stuck in your own thoughts, you will miss the guidance of this greater source of knowledge.

There is, of course, a precursor to noticing.  The key component to noticing is described in step 5 of The Secret Formula and there will be more to come on this topic very soon, so stay tuned!

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