Finding answers in affliction descriptions

I had someone contact me recently, interested in my experience with the cause of Atrial atrial-fibrillationFibrillation (a-fib) and healing the emotional cause. I have a number of pages on my website that offer EFT statements for some of the afflictions listed in Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life”, although I have no such page for this affliction.

Since I had virtually no experience with a-fib and didn’t find the physical problem listed in Louise’s book, I had to do a search to find out what it even is. With a description of “quivering heart” provided by one website, I had a clue as to what I might look for, or what one might ask their higher self: “What or who is it that makes my heart quiver? And is that healthy?

In this case, I had the opportunity to clairvoyantly look at what might be at the heart of the Atrial Fibrillation for this person. And what I saw was him reaching out and appearing to be grasping at love, but it turned out to be the edge of a hole… a hollowness… something that would lead down a hole, and then I was shown a woman with large, voluptuous lips. It is likely the question alone would’ve brought him answers (if he were willing to face the truth).

My contact confirmed that this resonated which gave him the knowledge he needed to heal the underlying cause.

There are 2 things I’d like you to learn from this example.

1) The language or description of this or any affliction or “problem” may give you clues as to the underlying emotional component of the affliction.

2) Oftentimes we don’t want to see this type of truth and therefore we won’t. If you truly want to heal from within, my products and services can help you with that.

What afflictions are you dealing with?  Maybe we can help you with a question that would provide answers.


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  1. I had a failed spinal fusion surgery that caused permanent nerve damage, I live with daily chronic pain. I have become addicted to alcohol for relaxation and stimulants to keep my body moving. I am isolated from family and friends. I have recently been in two emotionally abusive relationships that have made me realize I am a codependent with CPTSD. I was raised by a bipolar mother who was also diagnosed with schizophrenic with psychosis. I have grown children who have chosen not to be close to me which is breaking my heart. I am told I am pretty, kind, optimistic and overly forgiving yet I attract narcissistic men and have an attachment disorder. I have reached an all time low! At the age of 58, disabled and out of money I don’t feel I have a place in this world. I keep seeing 11:11 and have a high pitched frequency noise in my ears that makes me fear I am going crazy. It could also be a spiritual awakening which is why I am here and searching for help and answers. I simply want love.

  2. Hello 805Artist,
    If you are seeing 11:11 and having ringing in the ears, its definitely a sign that the angels around you want to help you reach the enlightment that will heal your physical pain. Know that you are loved! You may not see that on the physical realm, however, if you are not loving yourself. And if you are not loving yourself, it is because you are out of alignment with who you truly are. When we let go of the defense mechanisms that are in place to protect us in some way, we naturally move into alignment and experience the shifts/transformation that go along with doing so. In any given situation, ask your self what you would do if you weren’t afraid of emotional pain. You’ll love yourself more for doing what you’d do than you’d be hurt for anyone else’s negative response to that! Blessings to you, dear one.

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