EFT Tapping when someone upsets you

I admit it.  It is hard to resist being brought down by someone that hurts our ego.  And anytime someone says or does something negative to us, it is doing just that… it is hurting our ego.

However, it is giving them the power to do so that truly causes our pain.

And when we think they have to make us feel better because THEY made us feel bad to begin with, the power is still in their hands!

However, it is undoubtedly their own ego issues that caused them to say or do something YOU have labeled as negative and seeing it from this perspective may help a bit.

But I know what you’re thinking… “Does this mean I’m supposed to let them walk all over me?”

Giving them your power IS letting them walk all over you.  Once you’ve allowed the negative state… allowed them, with their words or actions to bring you down, there you are, on the level of the floor, with easy access to be walked on.

By staying positive, or at least neutral, your vibration is above the level of the floor… hopefully above the level of their words… and they “can’t touch this“.

Maintaining neutrality is the only way to NOT let them pound you down into the ground where you have no power!

Maintaining neutrality is the only way to create a better outcome.

Try the EFT setup phrases below to neutralize the negative emotions. Even more powerful statements to use at the tapping points, along with The Secret Formula’s guide to creating a better outcome are shown if you are logged in as a Consciousness 101 member.

  • Even though (s)he was disrespectful… even though I have chosen to feel disrespected by his/her actions, I deeply and completely accept myself.
  • Even though we all have our way of trying to feel validated and his/her way of feeling validated made me feel invalidated… even though I gave him the power to make me feel invalidated… even though I have chosen to feel invalidated, I deeply and completely accept myself.
  • Even though I have given away the power over my emotions, I decide to take it back and realize that I am okay no matter what other people need to do in order to validate themselves and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.


As you tap, image the Holy Spirit of God is burning inside your Solar Plexus Chakra, and as you tap, it grows stronger and stronger, pushing out any negative energy from the chakra as you tap and clear it from your meridian system.

EB: Gave away my power
SE: “He” (or she) has my power
UE: Gave him/her my power
UN: He/she has power over my emotions
Ch: He/she has the power to get me upset
CB: I gave him/her the power to upset me
UA: He/she has me upset
Th: Because I allowed him/her to do that
IF: Now he/she has control over me
MF: I’m at a lower vibration
BF: It’s a disadvantage to be at a lower vibration
KC: Allowed him/her to lower the level of my vibration

Keep doing this along with the gamut procedure until your SUDS is at least a 2, then tap your power back in:

EB: Taking my power back
SE: I have my power
UE: It is my power
UN: I can look at this from a perspective that keeps me happy
Ch: I can choose to be at peace
CB: I choose to set aside judgment
UA: I choose to set aside opinions
Th: I choose to believe that I am valid in spite of him
IF: I rise above it
MF: I’m at a higher vibration and have the advantage at this higher vibration
BF: I have control of the level of my vibration
KC: I can create the outcome I want from the higher vibration of neutrality

So-and-so is being a jerk

Before I even start going through the steps of the formula, I like to see if I can define the situation, determine where my resistance is.  I also like to see if it is my own judgments, opinions, beliefs that is causing the discomfort and then view the situation from a perspective that feels better right off the bat.  

Negative emotions:
Disrespected, invalidated

Negative emotions should’ve been neutralized with the above EFT statements, but if not, list the negative emotions you’re still experiencing and use EFT to tap them away.

What I don’t want:
Don’t want to be affected by what other people do or don’t do.

What I do want:
Peace, noticing, freedom

Raise your vibrations:
If I were to be above this situation, in a higher vibration, from the perspective of what lower vibrating individuals have to do to feel validated, what would that feel like?

If you can, think about a time when you were able to just notice how someone was acting irrational and negative and in doing so were creating a downward spiral for themselves while you were able to be outside of that spiral.

What questions/requests do I have to create what I want?
If I were to experience something better than this, how would that happen?

If you are truly neutral at this point, you may have a clear idea of what you want, such as harmony in the relationship, or complete freedom from the relationship.  From this neutral perspective, you WILL have the power to create that outcome.

What am I noticing as I view images and such from the above questions?
I AM feeling better… I am feeling above it 🙂

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