Creating Harmony

creating-harmonyHave you considered how you might create harmony in your home, with your co-workers or subordinates?.

What if you treated people as if you were already receiving from them what you ask for?

Do you think the energy in that alone might transform the situation and create harmony?

A belief that you’ll get what you ask for is an important part of this interaction. If you’re harboring resentments and yet talking to people with an “act” such as this, its nothing more than passive-agressive behavior and that will not create the harmony I’m referring to.

Notice the keyword “ask”.

If you’re just expecting something and not asking for it and just complaining about what you’re not getting, you’re getting what you’re focused on, which is what you’re complaining about. Creating harmony is not about complaining.

The first thing to do is ask for what you want.  If you’re expecting something from someone else, it’s because you have a need or a desire.  You may think it’s a physical thing that you need, but deep down there is a feeling you’re looking to fulfill.  Instead of telling someone they must do something specific so that you can feel better about things, ask that your underlying need or desire be fulfilled.  What you think they need to do in order to fulfill what’s missing in you may not be their path.  Essentially, harmony is created in your relationships when harmony is created in yourself first.

Focus on the end result… the way you want to feel.

How you want to feel within yourself, about a job that needs to be done, the kind of service you expect when you go out to eat, or about any goal that involves others?  Assume that the others that are part of your co-creation will respond in a way that utilizes their own special gifts and interact with them accordingly.  No two people are exactly alike.  Just because they don’t do things the way you would do them doesn’t mean they can’t get the job done.

You will receive what you ask for if you’re asking from a neutral point of view without a ton of underlying negative emotions. You must also ask from the belief (or better yet, a knowing), that you will have it.  Consciousness 101 provides many ideas, tools and techniques that you can use to clear the negative emotions and be in the right vibration for asking.

I was prompted to write this article when a friend talked being a victim of an incompetent general contractor.  She spent a lot of money and the work was not meeting her expectations.  And yet subconsciously, because of all the general contractor horror stories she’s heard, she feared this would happen and was interacting in a defensive/protective way.  The unconscious fear was creating what she didn’t want.

What she wants to feel in this situation is 1) “satisfied” with the work and 2) peace of mind that she will be satisfied with the work.

The key is to always know what you want, focusing on the essence of what you want… the feeling.  If you don’t know what you want, you’re going to complain about what ‘re getting.  And what you’re getting, you’re creating with your own thoughts and vibrations!

Does anyone have an example that we can talk about?


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