Life is but a dream

Do you find yourself complaining about the way things are?

Life is but a dream

If you could change them, what would you change them to?

The thing is, you CAN change them!  And when you start to think about how you’d like to change them instead of simply complaining about them, wonderful things happen.

So simple yet not easy, I admit.

What is easy is being full of doubt and blaming circumstances around you for what you’re going through.

Knowing what you want can actually be difficult.  But, if you can take a minute to go in that direction, things will be a lot better for you than you realize.

What if life were but a dream?

Have you ever been aware that you are dreaming and then directed the dream as you wished it to go and did what you wanted to do?  This is called lucid dreaming.  When you’re dreaming and you know it, you can direct outcomes and do and go anywhere you want to go!  It is great practice for real world stuff and gives you a feeling of power that you can do anything.

So why not pretend that life is but a dream and feel the power over your situation.  You don’t have to change anybody else.  You only have to think about what you want and watch it materialize. The only difference between a dream and “real life” is that it takes a bit longer to create the solid material object of your desire.

Do you notice a reluctance to make a big change? That’s because your spirit knows it is here for a reason and experiencing this for a reason, so if winning the lottery and missing your lesson doesn’t appeal to you, see yourself experiencing a beautiful outcome in whatever situation you’re dealing with.

When I was learning to become conscious in a dream, I read that during a routine task I should stop and ask myself if I was dreaming.  So, I setup my phone to remind me to do this whenever I looked at my phone.  I setup a wallpaper that said “Am I dreaming?”.

That led me to the thought that not only should I check to see if I’m dreaming but to think about what was occurring in that moment, whether asleep or not, and how I might direct a better outcome.

In fact, as I wrote this I was hoping for a phone call. I was getting a little antsy and annoyed at the delay, looked at my phone and then realized that instead of getting impatient and worried, I should try manifesting the phone call.  So I imagined what my phone looks like when that person’s call comes through, and then let it go.  Within 5 minutes, I received the phone call.  The person calling me said that they hadn’t planned on calling until the next day, but that they received an unexpected break in their day and decided to call!

It’s a fun and simple exercise, so why not try it!

Would love to know how this goes for you!



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