Conquer the hidden demon that blocks abundance

A lot of us would like to believe that we deserve good things.  In fact, we may think we believe we deserve good things.  And we may even argue with others, trying to convince them of our deservingness!  Guess what, that’s actually your indicator that “undeservingness” is a subconscious block to receiving.  If someone is withholding or treating you poorly, it is your own energy that is manifesting that experience.  Your subconscious belief is you don’t deserve and you are attracting situations that verify that.  Your fight is not only with those mistreating you, but with your subconscious mind.

I recently discovered this in myself, and was guided to write about it after my own major shift upon clearing it.  The conscious mind may believe we deserve all good things, but when I started really noticing my actions, they portrayed something different.

The first thing I noticed was my reluctance to receive gifts or help from others.  Sure, I’m okay with the universe giving me things but other people?  What we want and feel we deserve doesn’t fall out of the sky, folks.  It’s probably going to come from others in one form or the other.  If you don’t feel good receiving from certain individuals, that’s another indicator of a subconscious underserving block.

Another thing I noticed was an over-giving nature… an inclination to give more than I had.  Sure, giving can be a sign that you’re confident the universe will provide you with what you need, but if you’re giving in an attempt to get what you need, to or to be accepted, that won’t work.  You must love yourself enough to take care of yourself first and know that you deserve to!  If you talk about what you give, again, you’re trying to prove that you are worthy and that is another indicator that deep down inside, you are trying to convince yourself of this fact.

I can tell you that you deserve it, but telling you that won’t change things a bit.  You will have to resolve this undervingness and transform it once and for all.

The Secret Formula can help you resolve feelings of being undeserving or unworthy, opening up the floodgates to the abundance you truly deserve and are entitled to!  The remainder of this article tells you exactly how to use the formula to accomplish this.

I also noticed that I felt less deserving with people I looked up to and more deserving to those I don’t as much.  I noticed that with those I look up to, I wanted to give more to them to prove myself.  In resolving this, I decided to take the person that I feel most undeserving of as a test.

  1. My first step was to clear the negative emotions surrounding the underservingness.  Those were “feeling used”, “self pity” and “overgiving” to name a few.
  2. The next step was to realize what I don’t want.  I didn’t want to not be able to receive because of this feeling that I don’t deserve!
  3. Step 3 is to realize what I do want.  Think of anything that relates to feeling deserving of something and jot it down as a want.  I do want to feel deserving of all good things… that’s obvious.  To expand on this step, I knew that if I felt differently in a specific situation, that it would indicate deservingness.  Someone had offered to fly me out to attend a training session “if” I could find a flight for $300.  There were no comfortable, direct flights at that rate, although at first I was willing to take what I could get to get out there.  My discomfort in the offer caused me to look at it deeper when I discovered that my interactions were a sure sign of undeservingness.  And so, I decided that I wanted to feel like “either they would purchase a direct flight at whatever cost or miss out on my presence at this meeting”.
  4. This is where is all shifted.  If you’re going to use your brain in this process, step 4 is where it will happen when you come up with the questions that will create the feeling of worthiness.  Raising your vibrations to match that of which you desire.  There are a number of ways to do this, but I have found that posing questions to my higher self about how it will feel to have a certain thing is very powerful.  Naturally, the first question I asked was “If I were to feel worthy of a direct flight, what would that feel like?”  If you can do this in meditation, it’s ideal.  Otherwise, just get quiet and notice the feeling that comes forth.  I came up with a couple more questions of the same nature and this changed everything for me!  Because I felt less deserving with someone I looked up to, I posed my questions with that person in mind.  “If I were to feel I deserved ____ from so-and-so, what would that feel like?”  I think it’s easy to think we feel deserving when we’re asking the universe which has no face and no “personal” relationship to it.  It’s a different story when we’re dealing with someone we want to love us!  If we can feel deserving in their eyes, we’ve got this thing in the bag.  And remember, if you’re trying to convince them you’re worthy, you’re coming across as not.  There is an energy around worthiness that says “I only have to make a simple request and it is mine”.   Get into that vibration and you’ve just conquered and triumphed over one of the biggest blocks to abundance there is.
  5. Step 5 is about asking the universe for the things you want that have been held away from you because of the subconscious undeserving block.  You deserve them!  Feel free to ask!  If you’re still holding back from asking, then go do some more work to get into that vibration.
  6. Now just notice.  In the coming hours, days, weeks, months, notice how differently you interact with people.  Notice how they seem to bow to your requests.  Notice how they may feel unworthy of having you!

In what ways are you noticing patterns that indicate a subconscious undeserving block?

Your input can be very helpful here, as this is a highly subconscious block to manifesting what we want.  Chances are if you are experiencing this, someone else is as well.


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