EFT for Sugar Cravings

sugar-cravingsOften, in my personal sessions with clients, I will find answers for them that will help others as well.

In my work with one client, we were able to determine an emotional cause to her sugar craving and therefore, come up with EFT statements to clear the emotional cause.   Since others could have the same experience, I wanted to share the EFT statements that were devised to clear the craving for sugar in my client.

If you are not familiar with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), that’s okay!  Simply read the following statements out loud while tapping on the side of one hand with 4 fingers of the other hand.  Although EFT usually employs additional tapping, I incorporate an angel request in the setup statement, which is even more powerful than tapping.  If you don’t believe in angels, go ahead and tap using the phrase “this craving for sweetness”.

Here are the setup statements.  One possible cause of a sugar craving is obvious when you read the statements.  If this is the cause of your craving, you should notice a shift in the way you feel about sugar.

Even though I crave sweetness in my life and turn to sugary food to satisfy that need, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I crave the sweets that turn to fat and protect me from all that is not sweet, I deeply and completely accept myself and ask the angels to help me experience the sweetness of life in a healthy way.

Even though I’m turning to sweet, sugary food to experience sweetness, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and now choose to experience life as sweet.

If you need help with how to experience life as sweet, a subscription to Consciousness 101 can help!

If these EFT statements have helped your sugar craving, please let us know by commenting below.  We’d love to hear from you.





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  1. I was very addicted to sugar myself…and also have used a higher power for help. Once you limit sugar and cut it out completely…you don’t crave it as much. Eventually, you don’t crave it at all! Also, eating fruit helps to calm the cravings too.. The bonus is you will lose weight and when you are lighter you are closer to your spritual side!

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